Name: Kristin Bøyesen
Birth: Oslo, 21. februar 1979
Adress: Åsengata 17, 0480 Oslo
Phone: +47 454 16 233
Hybrid motion graphics artist with great learning ability, a wide set of skills and a profound understanding of workflow and deadlines. Experience with all steps of creative video productions, from idea to final result. Focus area on illustrated frame by frame animation, character design/animation, mixed media compositing, design/concept driven 2D animation. Works well both independently and as part of a team.
Curious of new techniques, a dedicated problem solver with a solid ability to follow through.
Professional experience
Started out as a traditional animator of cartoons in Rome in the early 2000s and then worked 5 years with motion and production company Codesign, mainly making show packaging, intros and promos for italian RAI. 
Worked as a freelance motion designer in Oslo and London from 2009, with projects ranging from concert visuals, projection mapping and event graphics to TV intros, commercials, motion branding, infographics and more. 
2 years accumulated experience in ad agencies DDB NORD and Plan B.
Main responsibilities are design development and motion/animation, but often part of the brainstorming and concept phace. Regularily contribute to scripting to make words function with animation and vice versa. 
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2021 - 2023 Plan B | Motion designer
Concept developer, illustrator, graphic designer and motion designer for the former ad agency of Plan B.

Collaborators: Homebase, Media Netwerk, Schjærven Film, Tordenfilm, Microfilm, Hyper, BVLK, Futatsu Industries, Mediacircus, ITV, DDB, Plan B, Birk Nygaard, TV3, Viasat 4, Rebell Produksjonsbyrå, NEP Media Services, Einar Drama, Over Norge, Mediatec, Jan Martin Vågen, BVLK, Little Big Sister, Zenisk, Gard Andreassen, Renomme, Strategene, Nyhetsgrafikk, LNS AS, The Oslo Company

Events: TV-aksjonen (2019), KMH Storsamling (2019), Spar 25 år (2018), VK Talks (2018), Jokerkonferansen (2017), Årets Frisør (2016-2017), ONS (2016), Amandaprisen (2016), KLD (2016), Prix Awards (2014), TV3 Kickoff (2013), Homebase (2010)

Music videos: Attitudeproblem - Karpe Diem (2015), Seeing in the Dark - Mothlite (2012)

Concert visuals: Karpe Spektrum x10 (2022), MODS (2022), Cezinando (2020), Meg og Dolly (2020), Karpe Diem (2013 - 2019), Ulver (2009 - 2015), Cezinando (øya 2018), Julie Bergan (X Games 2017), MODS (2016), Sissel Kyrkjebø julekonsert (2016), A-ha (2014)

Video scenography/mapping: En natt forbi (2022), Jul i Blåfjell (2022), Hanne Krogh (2021), Bjarte Hjelmeland - Ja! (2019), Vår hyllest til Beatles (2018), Norske Hits på norsk (2017), ABBA - Thank you for the music (2016), Q Hotels konferanse (2016), Kongsberg 150 år (2014), Odfjell konferanse (2014), Bye og Rønning (2013)

Commercial: Helsedirektoratet (2020), Vipps - Jonis blir influencer (2020), Byggmax (2019-20), Vipps (2018), Telia (2018), McDonalds (2018), Elkjøp (2018), FRI - Pride (2018), Fresh Fitness (2018), Boom Wheels (2014), Devold (2014), xComfort (2014), Continental (2012), Cubus (2012), Bunnpris - Kløversjansen (2012), 7 Eleven - New York Pizza (2011), Smart (2011), Mercedes Benz (2011), First Hotels (2010-11-12), Betsson (2010), Opplysningen 1881 (2010),

Intros: Karpe Diem - Adjø Montebello (2017), Kommandør Treholt og Ninjatroppen (2010), Jagerpilotene (2010)

Promos: Hellstrøm Inviterer (2012), Mannegruppa Ottar (2012), Pimp My Ride (2012), Hellstrøm (2010-11-12), MasterChef (2010), Canal+ (2010-11), Robinson (2010-11-12-13), Charterfeber (2011-13), Luksusfellen (2011-12-15), Paradise Hotel (2011-13), Psyk (2011), Bygg & Bedrag (2010), Bartenderskolen (2010)

VFX: Blush - digital sminke (2020), The Salmon Tjuvholmen (2018), Talkmore (2012), Pimp My Ride (2012), Mannegruppa Ottar (2012), Luksusfellen (2011), Robinson (2010), Kommandør Treholt og Ninjatroppen (2010),

Infographics: LNS anbudsfilm (2020), Apotek 1 - Vi bryr oss (2018), Kunnskapsdepartementet (2016), Eika (2014), Mediabank (2014), Breakfast (2012), Coop (2012), Elkjøp - datahjelp (2011), KS-dagene -Kommunestyrevalg (2011)

Idents: Av og Til/Fribar (2020), All Things Audio (2015), Futatsu Industries - fotball ident (2010) 
Other: Everyday Monsters (personal, 2017-), Cecilia Brækhus/Klara Svensson tittelkamp - live sportsgrafikk (2017), Dyrvik Arkitekter - Julekort (2010-11-14), Kjendisbarnevakten - episodegrafikk (2012)
2007 - 2009 Istituto Europeo di Design, Roma | teacher and Censor
Teacher at the video design course, 3rd grade. Subjects: Advanced After Effects og video composition.
Censor for final exams, all grades.
2004 - 2009 CODESIGN studio, Roma | art/motion director
Leading role in motion and production company. Tasks included art direction, motion design, editing, camera operator and interviewer, green screen studio. Main clients: RAI, RAI Educational, FAO, Piaggio Vespa, Music Box. 
2003 ENZIMI festival, Roma | video journalist
Video reportage from music/art/culture-festival in Rome: filming, editing and art direction
2000 - 2002 GRAPHILM, Roma | animator (traditional cartoon)
Hand drawn frame by frame cartoons on paper.
Productions/roles: Animator (Cuccioli, cartoon production for RAI 2001), Assistant animator (”Aida degli alberi” - feature film 2000), Cleanup-artist/inbetweener (Coccobill, cartoon production RAI, 2000)
2002 - 2005 Istituto Europeo di Design (Roma) | video design, 3 YR – 100/100 W laudE
Theoretic subjects: Art history, semiotics, film history, geometry, typography, composition, visualizing, storyboard, photography, film editing, TV technology, sosiology, creative writing. 
Practical subjects: After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator, Audition, 3D Studio Max, sound design, motion graphics, Flash, film editing, film technique
2001 - 2002 Accademia di Belle Arti, Roma
Life/nude drawing, 1 year
2000 - 2001 Rome University of Fine Arts
Photography, 3 months
1999 - 2001 Scuola Romana dei Fumetti, Roma
Traditional cartoons, 2 years
1995 - 1998 Foss skole, Oslo
High school, 3 years
PROMAX WORLD 2012 | Promo for Robinsonekspedisjonen 2011 - Silver
VIEDRAM 2004 | International Video Design Festival - 1. place
Wide set of skills and a deep understanding of the logic of animation tools and software - making it easy to aqcuire new knowledge and master new software and plugins.
Adobe CC 
Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, Animate, Media Encoder, Indesign
AE plugins 
Red Giant: Trapcode Suite - Effects Suite - Magic Bullet Suite - Keying Suite 
Video CoPilot: Optical Flares, Element 3D
Duik Bassel
Live video 
Resolume Avenue, QLab
Currently use 3D only sporadically and know the basics of Cinema 4D and blender. Used to work with 3D studio max and Softimage XSI.
Norwegian | Mother tongue
Italian, English | Excellent
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